Oddball Day, and Forever and Away

Today has been an oddball day. Last night I had a whole list of things to accomplish in my schedule book. But started out really tired this morning (getting up in the night with a baby will do that), so when baby went down for a nap, I did to. Felt so much better after, and the cuppa tea sure helped too! That being said, I haven’t got very far on that list, doing random things here and there, trying to also spend quality time with little W., and it’s already early afternoon!Today I am mainly organizing. Going through my office space and finally filing paper where they should go in their respective folders! It’s been way over-due, and not so exciting, but necessary (as you can see in the picture below). I actually like organizing once I get started, so it’s not so bad. If I start! Ha! I’ve never been great at immediately dealing with paperwork as soon as it enters my home (when I worked outside the home in a law firm, I had a system, and was pretty good at it, but home is another story), and I’ve been thinking, I better hone this skill at home before W. is in school, because that will just be all kinds of crazy paper and projects that I’ll need to organize. Hard to imagine him in school.But today feels like a dreaming day, forever and away from real life! I was listening to a Joyce Meyer podcast, and she was saying that if someone isn’t happy, they need to first, change their attitude, but secondly have a big dream that they’re working towards, and that just rang true with me! As I’ve said before on my blog, the point of writing here, has been to stretch myself. Of dreaming bigger and wider than I’ve allowed myself to before, and to not let fear get in the way. Cuz we really all just have one life, ya know?!! One of my biggest dreams, and fears was of writing in a public space! I have actually dreamt of writing for over 10 years, and I’m a little embarrassed to admit it’s taken me this long, but better late than never. I’m so glad I started this blog. It’s so rewarding to look back at previous posts, and have a kind of documentary going on.Okay, just have to hit pause for a second and drink in my amazing coffeeee! Baby W. is down for another nap (all you mothers out there, code for TIME FOR ME!! Ha), so I have time to really enjoy it, undisturbed. And you know when you make a REALLY good cup of coffee, it just hits the spot, and is just that much more delicious! Which reminds me of a girl’s youtube channel I follow, called “Story of this Life”. She’s a mother of three, and she and her husband record all kinds of silly things that happen in the life of being parents. Oh man, it gets me laughing, and reminds me to lighten up a little more, and enjoy the small, every-day moments. But you seriously gotta check her channel out, it’s well worth it. My favourite one is the “1st Pregnancy vs. the REST”. Ha! I laugh just thinking about it. Makes my day. Here’s the link for it:https://youtu.be/5OXKMUsv_NMWell, my baby’s up, so I better go, but I’ll catch you all later. Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!

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