Oh My heart!

Being a mother just has no comparison. I finally get it. My baby is now over 3 months old, and he is the light of my eyes. When I give him kisses, the rest of the world blurs into unimportance. I thank my God for this gift of joy! How can words express the fun in my heart?! Ha!!I struggled in the first months to relax, to enjoy the moments, but I was so worried of making mistakes, and worried about feeding him right, about having him sleep right, about having it figured out right that my shoulders would not drop. They carried all these worries high, and I could not clearly hear the love that God was daily breathing on me. I couldn’t hear it in my heart. But things are changing. Things are shifting.I can feel my heart breathing again. A sighing of relief! I’m allowing myself to be kind to myself. It was my birthday, so I felt that I could afford a bit of kindness, a bit of leniency so that I could stop to smell the roses. And now I’m hooked! God is opening a door, I’m sure if it. A door to dream again, to relax and enjoy the life He’s given me. To really be me.Thank You, my Almighty God, protector of my heart, Creator of my soul, Author of this real Love that I can feel! You have blown me away with it. With this sweet kiss, you have blown me away.

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