First Ride of the Season post-pregnancy

Awesome awesome awesome! So proud of myself for getting out for my first ride of the season post-pregnancy. As you can see on my face, I am delighted (and I’m at the end of the ride, so I’m gleefully aware that there are no more hills to conquer). Ha!

I’m especially proud of myself because my motivation was to invest in my emotional well-being after being in the house all day with my baby. And I almost didn’t go, because I didn’t feel like it, and because my friend who was going to go with me had to cancel last minute.

Also super excited, because I was RIGHT!! I completely guessed at how long it would take me to do 20 km on the bike. I knew that back in the day, when I was running regularly, I could run 10 km in an hour, so I guestimated that I could probably do double on the bike, if I kept up a steady (but doable) pace. I told my husband, I would keep my eye on the time (I had an hour before sunset), so if I hit the half hour point before I got to 10 km, I’d turn around to make it back before the sun went down.

Checking my time, I was going to hit the half way point (10 km) at exactly the half hour point! So of course, I kept going, and even made it back before the hour was up, which is when I took these pictures 🙂 It was a beautiful evening to be out!

So now I know how long rides take me!! Ha you would’ve thought I’d know this already, from all the biking I did the last 2 years, but because of riding with friends, and the fact that they always made the routes (I was the most inexperienced of the riders), I was happily ignorant of time. Just grinning as I followed along, going with the flow and conversation.

I’m so grateful to God, for my body, and the ability to ride. So good to get out today. I’ve been dreaming about getting out, ever since having my baby. Craving to feel more like my old self, healthy and strong!

Next week, I’ve got another ride planned with a good friend of mine, so that will keep this as a priority! She has kindly offered to do a nice and easy ride with me. She’s got quite a few km’s under her belt already this season (she’ll go out for a 100 km ride no problem!) But has kindly offered to stick with me. I love my friends!!

Comment below if you’re a cyclist, or ever dreamed to be one!

Have you ever gone out for a ride on your own (or any other type of exercise) when you had no motivation whatsoever to do it? What got you out the door?

Is there a type of exercise you’ve always dreamed of trying?

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