Changing Perspective

Being In Rest all the time.

This is possible!   I’m meditating on the verse in Colossians 2:10, which states, “… and you are complete in Him (Jesus Christ) which is the head of all principality (rule) and power”.

So really, … I CAN’T FAIL! 🙂  haha.  The joy and rest that has released in me is nothing short of A-MAZING!  No matter what I say, do, fail at, comprehend or not, all that’s true is this:  That I am so complete.  In Him.  Because God gave us His Son, Jesus, to create an avenue for me to walk down and be received.  I am understood, not misunderstood.  Am held, carried, and loved.

Because of God being my perfect Father…
I can be
I can do all things
I can laugh
and joy
and hope
and become.
I don’t have to have “arrived” already.  Just have to be willing to try at this life.  Even while I am yet failing, feeling insufficient, letting people down, seemingly coming up short, it’s okay, it’s really okay when I remember I’m made complete in Christ (through Jesus Christ coming on this earth, who took our sins/failings on His shoulders, and paid the price for them forever).

Just a short blog post of what’s going on with me today! 😀

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