The times when you don’t feel like dreaming, the times when you feel like a failure. Days like these happen. So instead of dwelling there, we need to step up anyway, and walk forward, do something productive. You’ll feel better for it. That’s how my day was yesterday. Didn’t seem to be able to complete anything, as William was fussier than usual, and didn’t nap much. But the act of even attempting to do something helped. And to keep putting one step in front of the other. And also letting go a bit, relaxing, and just focusing on spending time with him was good. I think babies are much more like us adults than we think. There are some days that they are just having a hard time, and need extra (quality) time with us.

Today I’m thinking about the scripture 1 Corinthians 2:16 “For who has known the mind of the LORD That he may instruct Him? But we have the mind of Christ” I was thinking about this, and realized… if I have the mind of Christ, that means I can think like Him. Therefore I can act like Christ. He was Fearless, anointed, bold to do what God called Him to do. Is that not what we are called to be? Fearless, knowing our anointing, and just doing what we feel God has called us to do? 🙂 Happiest of happy days. I think we are so much more content, when we realize our place, our authority (to really live this life FULLY, because it’s what God’s given us! Not backing down, or running away when fear comes along. I think God’s told us to dream bigger and do what we dream of doing, because God gave us those dreams to begin with. An incredible opportunity. We get to step out and act it (our dream) out, and above all, love God and love other people as we do them. That is our purpose in this world I believe.

Like I said in my most recent post, I am dreaming to run another marathon. I don’t have one in particular I’ve signed up for yet, but I’m thinking sometime in September or October this year. With this goal in mind, it’s forcing me to deal with my knees, which I’ve had issues with for quite a while – runner’s knee. It’s gotten so bad in fact, that last week when I went for a 4.5 km run, I felt pain pretty much the whole time. You’re probably wondering what business I have in running a marathon if I can’t run 5 km without pain? Well, as most momma’s tend to do, I tend to put my physical health as a last priority. And with making this lofty and exciting goal, I now need to prioritize dealing with my knees. So this Thursday, I have an osteopathy appointment to re-align things, and they will give me stretches to do on my own time, which I am committed to doing to get better! I may even go to a sports physiotherapist as well, because I know I have a lot of work to do (it hurts just walking sometimes, and especially going up and down stairs). Also, a friend of mine suggested taking Glucosamine, which helps with your joints. I’m praying that all of this helps, and worst case scenario, even if I can’t run, I’ll know how to better take care of myself and can at least do walking with no pain!


So what are you readers up to today? Any goals or dreams you’re working on? Comment below if you want!

Today I am baking some bread (bread machine, not by hand lol), will do a 10 minute workout, file some files away in our filing cabinet (they are still in boxes from when we moved here 10 months ago!), listening to a financial podcast by Patrice Washington (see below), and starting to prep for some good friends from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who are coming up with their two boys to visit, not this weekend but the next!


Have a great Tuesday you all!

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