Another Dream!!!

So here’s another one of my dreams… To run another marathon again. I ran a marathon back in 2012 or 2014… Can’t remember which year it was exactly, but one of my proudest accomplishments! It was made so doable by the amazing group of running friends that did it with me. Running through pain (as in sore pain, not the kind of pain where you should stop!) is so much easier with conversation to distract you. Since then, I’ve done a few half marathons and such, but last couple of years have only been 10km-ish, and I miss the gratification and sense of accomplishment I used to get from tackling a difficult distance.

I am dreaming of doing this, knowing that to run another marathon is like having another part time job (I consider being a stay at home mom as a full time job!!). It’s a big commitment. So I’m considering all of the angles of making it happen. I’m also being very aware that I may only be able to do 15km-1/2 marathon because of the state of my knees. But I’m shooting for the marathon, because I think you gotta dream big. And it’ll motivate me to really take this seriously, and get consistent therapy for my knees (I’m going to osteopathy in 2 weeks, and may try physiotherapy also).

So which marathon should I run? Comment below if you have any suggestions!

And let me know if you have any goals for the new year!

Hope you are all enjoying your holidays! Tell me what you’re doing today!

-Stephen, William and I are on our way to one last family Christmas lunch, and Willam’s having a nap! Looking forward to good food and good company!

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