A Little Time Away…

Wow. What a little time away can do for the soul! This morning I just HAD to get away. Those moments where I actually NEED a break from little Willam, and my identity of being a mom. It’s not like Willam was being fussy at all, it’s just that I needed some alone time. Me time. Go where I would not be able to hear him if he cried, or whatever. I just needed space. Call it hormonal or whatever, but I needed it! Lol.

So I went to our local coffee shop, coffee culture, and I sat with a book and a couple notebooks to read and to write, and it was beautiful. A beautiful moment in time, where I didn’t feel needed, or known by anyone in the direct vicinity! And I read and I wrote my heart out, and felt all the frustrations of the week, and I laid it all down on the page. And when I came to the conclusion of my time away, and drank that last sip of coffee, I felt renewed. And I would be ok, and able to be a mom again 😊.

Such satisfaction. I don’t know how mom’s of more kids do it, but I pray they get a break too. Sometimes it’s all we need. Even just a short break to recharge, to renew, to remember who we are a part from our family!

Thank you God for coffee shops!!!! Haha!!!

And by the way, that coffee was the best coffee EVER!!! Organic blend with some cream = LOVE.

Willam’s down for a nap, and now I’m enjoying a tangerine and reading a cool article by Joyce Meyer…

It’s a good kick in the pants!

Tell me that you’re doing this snowy Saturday!

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