Oh Saturdays and Favourite things…

Oh Saturdays, how I love thee! A day to rest and read and dream, and recover from the week. Ha!

Last night William woke up many many times, and even when he was sleeping, he was crying in his sleep, poor guy. He’s been teething, has a nasty cold on top of it, and is sneezing all over the place (sorry that sounds disgusting), so he’s just generally not been a happy kid. So both my husband and I are tired. #parentlife. Thankfully kids aren’t sick all of the time!!!

But it’s a glorious bright sunny day, and I’m loving it. I’m reading one of my favourite author’s novels called “The Golden Tresses of the Dead”.

Author is Alan Bradley, and if you have not picked up his books, please go get one! I first picked up one of his books in audio form at the library, and I fell in love with the quick wit and have savoured many a line in them. Some books have such delicious ways of putting words together that I get tingles of satisfaction as I read. It’s a therapeutic experience from the struggles in daily life. So I’m always grateful to Mr. Bradley for the charm and wit of his novels.

The rest of my day will probably look like cuddling lots with our sweet boy, and listening to my newest favourite podcast, “Kindled” (she talks about juggling life as a mother and work, often talking to other women entrepreneurs about their experience).

My husband, Stephen is doing random errands today, so he’ll join us at home later to relax with us (or help with a crying baby)! Willam just woke up and so far looks pretty happy!  Naps do wonders.


So everyone, let me know what you’re doing with your Saturday! 

Any favourite authors or podcasts???   I’d love to check out some of your favourite things. 

Until then, have a great Saturday, and I look forward to sending out another post soon.


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